20 schools & University with two faculties
General Hospital & 5 primary healthcare clinics
Ward Al Makassed Social Services, Scouts and more

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What Makes Us Special

img1 Inspiring Teaching
Our institute recruits a team of dedicated, expert educators who believe that all students deserve high quality education. We equip our learners by the newest methods of learning and using the latest practical and technical learning methods.
img1 Institute Culture
We focus on providing advanced skills with the recommended tools to nurture and grow the minds of our students in a supportive, encouraging environment. We strive to educate a generation well equipped to cooperate with and build a better future for everyone in our country.
img1 Privileges
A lot of privileges are granted to our graduated students such as special discounts on university fees for a lot of universities referring to the contracts between the universities and our institute, in addition to the job opportunity office that helps our graduated students to find a respected job related to their major.
img1 Core Values
Our core Makassed values such as pride, responsibility, respect, ethics, optimism and leadership are deeply embedded in our learning environment.
img1 Professional Development
Continuous professional development is one of our main concerns. Our staff received many certifications in all technical domains from reputable certified organizations related to technical studies.  
img1 Institute Location
Our huge institute Makassed technical center MTC is located beside Beirut lung "Horsh Beirut" - kaskas district- providing a safe and nurturing environment to inspire students’ growth and development.
img1 Inclusion
We are an advanced technical center founded in Beirut that serves technical and vocational learning for three learning levels: BP, BT, TS, by providing them with a premium technical education.

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