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Dear parents and students,

At Makassed Vocational School and Training Center, we are dedicated to serving our society by educating the next generation of qualified individuals and providing them with a hand-on, job-specific instruction.

Our goal is to create real world experiences that can be carried forward into the job market (mainly industry, trade and technology) and build confidence in flexible, active and independent young people. We know that achieving economic self-sufficiency in early adulthood is one of the biggest predictors of future success.

We also aim to improve our country’s capacities through a qualified and specialized workforce as well as to introduce technology in education through all means.

With the current health situation related to the COVID-19 pandemic, we strive to ensure that all our premises and especially our technical laboratories, adhere to strict and appropriate strategies to control viral infections and continue our teaching mission.

We take pride in our contribution to a better community and we remain adamant in cultivating the importance of vocational training and technical education.

Adel Damaj