About Us

About Us          Vision, Mission, and History



Makassed Vocational School and Training Center’s fosters strength of character through the development of personal responsibility, integrity and the ability to learn and grow in a culturally diverse and technologically advanced society.



Makassed Vocational School and Training Center is committed to offer self-direct learning and lifelong learning to our diverse student body through the needed skills to become critical thinkers, collaborative workers, effective communicators and technologically literate individuals.

The Center promotes academic excellence, personal responsibility and balanced growth, thereby helping students to discover and develop their talents and to fulfill their potentials. The Center also believes that parents’ participation in their children’s education is essential to accomplish its mission.



The Makassed Philanthropic Islamic Association of Beirut founded the Abed El Hadi El Debs Vocational Center and Training School in 1994 to commemorate the late Abed El Hadi Mohammad Khair El Debs. El Debs, himself a Makassed Alumnus, was an annual donor of the Center and entrusted his family to continue the funding after his death.

Two thirds or around 8000 square meters of the facility were specifically designed to accommodate vocational students with laboratory space and workshops, with the rest available for classroom instruction and administration.

The Center offers various degrees and majors leading to Technical Baccalaureate (BT), and Technicien Superieur (TS) Certificates.